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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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high cradle

Entertainment; Circus

High Cradle is sometimes referred to as cradle to cradle. It is an act of strength, fearlessness and grit. Performers use the power generated by their own limbs to hurl partners ...


Entertainment; Circus

Juggling is the not-so-simple act of keeping more than two objects in the air simultaneously. A quick hand and loads of patience are just two of many requirements to mastering ...

jump rope

Entertainment; Circus

Jump Rope is the ultimate extension of the children's sport, combining complex rhythms, large groups, and even jump roping within jump roping.

perch pole

Entertainment; Circus

Perch Pole is the precarious art of the perch pole puts one performer perilously at the top of a perch balanced on the shoulders of a partner.

Russian bar

Entertainment; Circus

Russian bar consists of two porters and at least one flyer and one Russian bar. The porters rest the ends of the bar on their shoulders while the flyer stands atop the bar. By ...

Russian swing

Entertainment; Circus

Russian swing is a pendulum device that hurls performers high into the air. Inertia is the key to the swings power. One performer, known as the booster, pushes the swing, while ...


Entertainment; Circus

Silks are great lengths of loosely wrapped wide fabric. Often used in pairs, sometimes used in one continuous long loop called a hammock. Some variations also known as Straps.