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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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Entertainment; Dance

(embellishments) Movements from the man or the women that are unique to each dancer and come from the individual creativity that adorn or embellish the dance


Entertainment; Dance

(fake) A move that appears to move in one direction and then changes the direction at the last second


Entertainment; Dance

(sweep) The foot of either the man or the women is swept with a movement often very swiftly


Entertainment; Dance

(whip) The women’s front or back ocho is swiftly whipped to change direction producing a whip action from the women’s leg  either low on the floor or high in the air


Entertainment; Dance

(chain) A series of movements that produce a chain like effect. The women’s action is the same as the man’s but in canon


Entertainment; Dance

(walk) Any series of steps that walk forward


Entertainment; Dance

A rhythm that is of African origin and is thought to have influenced the Milonga . During the early 90’s it was also a reference to the teepee structure of the man and women in ...