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The art or field of entertaining, especially that provided by performers.

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soft count

Entertainment; Gambling

The count of cash in a casino.

hole card

Entertainment; Gambling

Poker term referring to cards which are dealt face down, and are held by individual players.

invited guests

Entertainment; Gambling

High-stakes players who are specifically sought out by casinos to play there. Usually comps, e.g. hotel suites, are made available for free.

house advantage

Entertainment; Gambling

The odds, or percentages, which ensure that the casino is always profitable.


Entertainment; Gambling

A dealer who accidentally shows cards to be dealt face down in the process of dealing.


Entertainment; Gambling

Extra credit given to gamblers wagering large amounts.

michigan bankroll

Entertainment; Gambling

A stack of cash where a large-denomination note is wrapped around small ones, giving the sense of the owner being a high roller.