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General food products.

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Food (other); Grains

A kind of rice with very long thin grains and a delicate fragrance.


Food (other); Grains

In the Indian subcontinent: pearl millet or a similar grain.


Food (other); Grains

A chiefly freshwater fish of the salmon family found in both Eurasia and North America and highly valued as food and game.

Uncle Ben's Rice

Food (other); Grains

A brand name for parboiled rice and related food products. The brand was introduced by Converted Rice Inc. , which was later bought by Mars, Inc. . It is based in Houston, ...


Food (other); Grains

Granular semolina. (Semolina is a coarsely ground wheat flour.) It may be cooked and served with milk as a porridge. Also served with a dressing as a salad or sweetened and used ...


Food (other); Grains

Farro (emmer wheat), nicknamed the Pharaoh's wheat, was a culinary cornerstone of ancient Egyptian and Roman menus. It gradually fell out of favor because it was low-yield and ...

kasha (buckwheat groats)

Food (other); Grains

Since buckwheat is botanically a fruit and not a wheat product, it's a good alternative for those who are wheat sensitive. It contains the amino acid lysine, which isn't usually ...