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General food products.

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Food (other); Eggs

Refers to a rounded egg shape. Owls and kingfishers have spherical eggs.

turkey eggs

Food (other); Eggs

Turkeys lay large eggs with a brown shell and a delicate flavor. The reason turkey eggs aren’t generally found for sale is economics: the average turkey produces only 100 to 120 ...

turtle eggs

Food (other); Eggs

The odd egg out on this list, this reptile’s egg has a mild, rich flavor. Its soft shell is buff or speckled. Turtles lay their eggs in the sand on the beach, and birds and other ...

vegetarian eggs

Food (other); Eggs

These eggs guarantee that the hens are only fed a vegetarian diet—free from meat or fish by-products. The hens are kept in cages and therefore cannot peck any grubs or worms. ...

vitamin-enhanced eggs

Food (other); Eggs

Similarly, hens are fed higher levels of vitamins such as B6, B12 and E, and lutein (which fights macular degeneration), which results in higher amounts of the vitamins in the ...

vitamin-enriched eggs

Food (other); Eggs

Often referred to as “designer” eggs, these are chicken enhanced with a variety of nutrients: Omega-3 Eggs, Vitamin-Enhanced Eggs.


Food (other); Eggs

The main nutritive portion of the egg. It is spherical in shape and light yellow to orange in colour.