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General food products.

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pulse-field gel electrophorsis (PFGE)

Food (other); Food safety

The DNA fingerprinting method that scientists use to determine the source of bacteria in foods.


Food (other); Food safety

Slaughtered, canned, salted, rendered, boned, cut up, or otherwise manufactured or processed.

organic farming

Food (other); Food safety

An approach to farming based on biological methods that avoid the use of synthetic crop or livestock production inputs; also a broadly defined philosophical approach to farming ...

depth of recall

Food (other); Food safety

The level of product distribution to which the recall is to extend: # Consumer - This includes household consumers as well as all other levels of distribution. # Retail Level - ...

U.S. condemned

Food (other); Food safety

The livestock so identified has been inspected and found to be in a dying condition, or to be affected with any other condition or disease that would require condemnation of its ...

pork bellies

Food (other); Food safety

One of the major cuts of the hog carcass that, when cured, becomes bacon.

westphalian ham

Food (other); Food safety

A German-style dry cured ham that is similar to Prosciutto; smoked, sometimes with juniper berries. Also called Westfalischer Schinken.