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General food products.

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Pesticide Data Program (PDP)

Food (other); Food safety

A program initiated in 1991 by the Agricultural Marketing Service to collect pesticide residue data on selected food commodities, primarily fruits and vegetables. PDP data are ...


Food (other); Food safety

The meat from a calf or young beef animal. Male dairy calves are used in the veal industry. Dairy cows must give birth to continue producing milk, but male dairy calves are of ...

public health

Food (other); Food safety

The science and the art of 1) preventing disease; 2) prolonging life; and organized community efforts for a) the sanitation of the environment; b) the control of communicable ...

partially defatted beef

Food (other); Food safety

These are byproducts produced from fatty trimmings containing less than 12% lean meat. These ingredients may be used in meat products in which byproducts are acceptable.


Food (other); Food safety

Chemical or physical agents that reduce microorganism contamination levels present on inanimate environmental surfaces.


Food (other); Food safety

Food that is subject to decay, spoilage, or bacteria unless it is properly refrigerated or frozen.

risk analysis

Food (other); Food safety

The assessment and management of hazards that cause harm (risk) to human health and the communication of how those hazards can be controlled, reduced or eliminated.