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Of of pertaining to any method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way, whether united in a system specific to a country or region.

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Language; Terminology

A systematic analysis on word or phrase stress.


Language; Terminology

Disability to speak which is caused by defects or damages on external speech organs, not on central nervous system.

applied linguistics

Language; Terminology

The application of insights from theoretical linguistics to practical matters such as language teaching, remedial linguistic therapy, language planning and so forth.


Language; Terminology

An essential notion in structural linguistics which denies any necessary relationship between linguistic signs and their referents, e.g. objects in the outside world.

areas of linguistics

Language; Terminology

Any of a number of areas of study in which linguistic insights has been brought to bear, for instance sociolinguistics in which scholars study society and the way language is used ...


Language; Terminology

A difference between two linguistic items which can be exploited systematically. The distinction between the two forms arises from the fact that these can occupy one and the same ...


Language; Terminology

A principle of linguistic analysis which demands that rules and units are to be kept to a minimum, i.e. every postulated rule or unit must be justified linguistically by capturing ...