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Legal services

The services involving law-related matters such as the issuing of legal opinion,filing and pleading, as well as the issuing and defending of law suits among many others.

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Legal services; General law

official mark that indicates genuineness, validity or payment of a duty or charge


Legal services; Commerical law

On legal documents


Law; General law

A party who presents a petition to a court or other official body.


Law; General law

This is a fixed sum of money paid to a person at fixed times, such as yearly.

prenuptial agreement

Law; General law

It is a contract between two persons about to marry regarding property settlement in the event of divorce.


Law; General law

Setting a dispute out of the court by presenting arguments to a person acting as an arbitrator.


Law; General law

Argumentative is that in which not only facts, but also conclusions, usually controversial are discussed.