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Materials science

The the study of matter and their applications in various areas of science and engineering.

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magnetic orientation

Materials science; Magnetics

Determines the magnetic polarity and position of one magnet pole to the other.

magnetic pole

Materials science; Magnetics

An area where the lines of flux are concentrated.

magnetic saturation

Materials science; Magnetics

The maximum amount of magnetic energy that can be absorbed by a magnetic substance.


Materials science; Magnetics

Magnetism is a property of materials that respond to an applied magnetic field. Permanent magnets have persistent magnetic fields caused by ferromagnetism, which is the strongest ...

magnetizing force (H)

Materials science; Magnetics

The magnetomotive force per unit of magnet length, measured in Oersteds (C.G.S.) or ampere-turns per meter (S.I).

magnetomotive force (F)

Materials science; Magnetics

The magnetic potential difference between any two points. Analogous to voltage in electrical circuits. That which tends to produce a magnetic field. Commonly produced by a current ...