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Materials science

The the study of matter and their applications in various areas of science and engineering.

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magnetic field

Materials science; Magnetics

The space around a magnet in which the magnetic force can be detected.

magnetic field (B)

Materials science; Magnetics

When specified on our site, the surface field or magnetic field refers to the strength in Gauss. For axially magnetized discs and cylinders, it is specified on the surface of the ...

magnetic field strength (H)

Materials science; Magnetics

Magnetizing or demagnetizing force, is the measure of the vector magnetic quantity that determines the ability of an electric current, or a magnetic body, to induce a magnetic ...

magnetic flux

Materials science; Magnetics

The total magnetic induction across or through a specified area. It is a contrived but measurable concept that has evolved in an attempt to describe the “flow” of a magnetic ...

magnetic flux density

Materials science; Magnetics

Lines of flux per unit area, usually measured in Gauss (C.G.S.). One line of flux per square centimeter is one Maxwell.

magnetic induction (B)

Materials science; Magnetics

The magnetic field induced by a field strength, H, at a given point. It is the vector sum, at each point within the substance, of the magnetic field strength and the resultant ...

magnetic lines of force

Materials science; Magnetics

A series of invisible lines passing from one pole to another of a magnet, which taken together form the magnetic field.