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Terms concerning oil and gas as a fossil fuel and natural resource.

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percha rack

Oil & gas; Oil

Each one of the frames put as an ornament on the stem of the ship.


Oil & gas; Oil

Longitudinal movement of the boat when it alternatedly raises and lade stem stern. The same as pitch (See Pitch and Pitching).

continuous period

Oil & gas; Oil

It refers to operations which are performed without any interruption for meals or change of gangs, with the movement of suction pipes, conveyor belts or pipelines. This period ...


Oil & gas; Oil

1 - Movement of the ship stem down or pitching. 2 - The pitching of the sea.


Oil & gas; Oil

Crew members in some sailing ships that go up on the masts to perform movements on the set of sails.


Oil & gas; Oil

Gadget with which objects are detected and situated inthe middle of the sea, with the echo of ultra-sound waves. It is made of a source of ultra-sounds that emits conveniently ...


Oil & gas; Oil

Special service which the port renders its users, which consists on the weighing of volumes by unit or of bulk lading, transported by trucks or wagons.