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Terms concerning oil and gas as a fossil fuel and natural resource.

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oil exploration

Oil & gas; Oil

he search by petroleum geologists and geophysicists for hydrocarbon deposits beneath the Earth's surface, such as oil and natural gas. Oil and gas exploration are grouped under ...

liquefied natural gas

Oil & gas; Oil

natural gas (predominantly methane, CH4) that has been converted temporarily to liquid form for ease of storage or transport.

gas liquefaction

Oil & gas; Oil

a process used to convert a gas into a liquid state. The processes are used for scientific, industrial and commercial purposes.

crude oil

Oil & gas; Oil

a naturally occurring, flammable liquid consisting of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons of various molecular weights, and other organic compounds, that are found in geologic ...


Oil & gas; Oil

an organic compound containing only carbon and hydrogen

directional well

Oil & gas; Oil

a directional well, as it is known in the oil industry, is an oil well with a borehole that deviates from a vertically straight line. This is normally an intentional decision and ...


Oil & gas; Oil

Of or pertaining to a process or substance created by human technology;