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Terms concerning oil and gas as a fossil fuel and natural resource.

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tax paid cost

Oil & gas; Oil

The actual cost to an oil company of the oil it produces in a particular county (all costs incurred plus amounts paid to the state in Royalties, rentals and taxes).


Oil & gas; Oil

The amount of oil that can be recovered from a field annually before taxes have to be paid.


Oil & gas; Oil

The saturated hydrocarbon (alkane) with five carbon atoms in its molecule (C5H12) the fifth member of the paraffin series - a liquid under normal conditions.


Oil & gas; Oil

A molecule or combination of molecules that can form the basis of a polymer or plastic.

derived fuel (energy)

Oil & gas; Oil

A fuel (or form of energy) which basic fuel such as coal or oil (e g electricity, coke or town gas).


Oil & gas; Oil

The situation that arises when oil companies operating within a given nation's boundaries produce enough oil or gas to meet the nation's domestic needs.

specialty chemical

Oil & gas; Oil

a chemical made in a relatively small quantity for a particular application