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Terms concerning oil and gas as a fossil fuel and natural resource.

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corporation tax

Oil & gas; Oil

Tax paid to the UK government on the net profit made by a company after payment of Royalty, Petroleum Revenue Tax and all allowable expenses.

unsaturated hydrocarbon

Oil & gas; Oil

A hydrocarbon (such as ethene or ethyne) containing one or more double or triple carbon-to-carbon bonds in its molecule.

petrosulphur compounds

Oil & gas; Oil

Hydrocarbon chemicals which include sulphur in their molecules, e g mercaptans.

engineering plastic resins

Oil & gas; Oil

A class of petroleum-based materials which can be molded to form plastic artifacts or used as the basis of adhesives.

extender oil

Oil & gas; Oil

An oil used to alter the physical characteristics of synthetic rubber.

desiccation (drying)

Oil & gas; Oil

The removal of moisture or the prevention of moisture pick-up from the surrounding atmosphere.


Oil & gas; Oil

The removal of inorganic chloride-type impurities from crude oils.