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Of or pertaining to the art or process of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces.

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ghost object

Photography; Images

A processing how taking a object in photograph by setted camera with long pose time, so in the middle of that time change place of the object or just take out in the view and the ...


Photography; Images

The situation that the unplanned background image of a picture hijacks the original focus. The insertion of an uninvited guest into a photograph being taken to spoil the picture.


Photography; Images

To frame a photograph.


Photography; Images

The process of selectively removing data from an image in order to save space.


Photography; Images

An option that mimics the effects of sepia toner, producing a brown-tinted monochrome image similar in appearance to surviving early photographs produced using an ink prepared ...


Photography; Images

The act of increasing the degree of detail or clarity. For example, COOLPIX Picture Controls can be modified to suit the scene or the user’s creative intent. Use quick adjust to ...

shooting conditions

Photography; Images

A term used to describe the ambient conditions that might affect a photographic image.