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Relating ot he various professional career paths or positions that exist.

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features and benefits selling

Professional careers; Sales

Selling style in which a salesperson systematically relates each feature of a product being presented to a particular benefit which the feature will deliver to the buyer.

absolute cost advantage

Professional careers; Sales

The cost advantage one company has over another by having a cheaper source of raw materials, control of superior knowledge through patents, cheaper manufacturing or assembly ...

simulated store test

Professional careers; Sales

A form of pre-testing of new product introductions prior to full-scale commercialisation, to study their behaviour towards the new products, consumers selected from the target ...

stratified sample

Professional careers; Sales

A form of probability sample where respondents are chosen from a random sample of homogeneous sub-groups (according to a common characteristic) into which the total population has ...

unique selling point

Professional careers; Sales

The particular quality, feature or benefit of a product which a competitor's product, although similar, cannot or does not offer.


Professional careers; Sales

A person or organization that has shown an interest in a particular product or service, can also be used to describe a person or organization that sales or marketing staff feel ...


Professional careers; Sales

A person or business that legally purchases the right to operate a franchise outlet.