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Terms relating to the creation, testing, refinement and distribution of software and related products.

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Software; CRM

Refers to a person that has made a payment for a product of any type. That could include a single booking or a membership.

bidirectional language support

Software; CRM

In a computer program or system, compatibility with both right-to-left and left-to-right reading languages.

read only

Software; CRM

One of the standard profiles to which a user can be assigned. Read Only users can view and report on information based on their role in the organization. (That is, if the Read ...

administrator (system administrator)

Software; CRM

One or more individuals in your organization who can configure and customize the application. Users assigned to the System Administrator profile have administrator privileges.

solution manager

Software; CRM

One or more individuals in your organization who can review, edit, publish, and delete solutions. Typically, these individuals are product experts with excellent written ...


Software; CRM

Opportunities track your sales and pending deals.

show/hide details

Software; CRM

Option available for reports that lets you show/hide the details of individual column values in report results.