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Of or pertaining to any organized, competitive, entertaining, and skillful activity or game requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play, in which a winner can be defined by objective means within a specified set of rules.

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Sports > Field hockey

corner flag

Sports; Field hockey

There are four flags that mark the corners of the field.

corner hit

Sports; Field hockey

When the ball goes over the back line by being hit out by the defending team, the attacking team gets to take the ball out of bounds on the back line. The ball is hit back in ...

goal keeper

Sports; Field hockey

The goalkeeper tries to stop the ball from going in the goal. Just like in every other game that has a goalkeeper. They are the only player that is allowed to touch the ball with ...

goal line

Sports; Field hockey

See Backline

green card

Sports; Field hockey

A Green Card is given out by the umpires, (not the same as the green card given out by the Immigration and Naturalization Service) and is a warning to the offending player for ...


Sports; Field hockey

The goalkeeper wears a helmet and other protective gear.