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Any item that is either worn or displayed to tell the time.

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Chronosplit Manhattan GMT

Timepieces; Watches

Launched in 1977, the Chronosplit Manhattan GMT was the world's first quartz wrist chronograph with both an analog and a digital display, accurate to 1/100th second.


Timepieces; Watches

A watch with a movement that has demonstrated outstanding accuracy by passing the tests of the COSC (the official Swiss Chronometer Control Office). Each movement is individually ...

case back seal

Timepieces; Watches

Synthetic material that ensures water-resistance around the case back.

case back

Timepieces; Watches

The part which closes the case. It can be fixed with screws, but it can also screw into the case, or simply be pressed into place.


Timepieces; Watches

The launch of the Carrera chronograph in 1964 was a tribute to the famous "Carrera Panamerica" car race of the 1950s.

carat of diamonds

Timepieces; Watches

A measure of the weight of precious stones. One carat represents 0.205gr.

carat of gold

Timepieces; Watches

A measure of gold content that is divided into 24 parts. Fine gold, which is almost 100% pure gold, contains 24 carats. The case of an 18-carat gold watch contains 750/1000 ...