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Any item that is either worn or displayed to tell the time.

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balance spring

Timepieces; Watches

The balance spring is almost the "soul" of a mechanical watch. Wound into a spiral, its tension makes the balance oscillate regularly, which is critical to the proper running of ...

automatic-winding movement

Timepieces; Watches

A mechanical movement incorporating an extra mechanism with an oscillating weight. This uses the movements of the wearer's arm to rewind the mainspring.


Timepieces; Watches

Launched in 1933, the Autavia was the first timing instrument mounted on board aircraft and racing cars.

anchor escapement

Timepieces; Watches

A lever escapement used in mechanical watches, composed of the escape wheel, the pallets, and a plate fixed on the balance staff. (See functions at "escapement").


Timepieces; Watches

A thin transparent coating deposited on the crystal to improve the readability of the dial. This coating is delicate and can be affected by the way the watch is used.

analog display

Timepieces; Watches

Indicates the time with hands moving round a dial.

Alter Ego

Timepieces; Watches

The Alter Ego series, launched in 1999 is a tribute to femininity. Its bracelets with straight pronounced lines contrast with its curved, sensual case. It has innovative ...