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The branch of science that deals with flight aerodynamics and with the operation of all types of aircraft.

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inductive reactance

Aviation; Aeronautics

An opposition to the flow of alternating current or changing direct current, caused by inductance in the circuit. Inductive reactance, whose abbreviation is XL, is measured in ohms, and it decreases ...

interstate air transportation

Aviation; Aeronautics

The carriage by aircraft of persons or property as a common carrier for compensation or hire, or the carriage of mail by aircraft in commerce: # Between a place in a State or the District of ...

class of thread

Aviation; Aeronautics

A method of classifying the fit of threads used in bolts and nuts. A class-1 fit is a loose fit, a class-2 fit is a free fit, a class-3 fit is a medium fit, a class-4 fit is a close fit, and a ...

sonic cleaning

Aviation; Aeronautics

A method of cleaning delicate mechanical parts. The parts are placed in a sonic cleaning machine and covered with a cleaning fluid. High-intensity sound waves are produced in the cleaning fluid, and ...

ultrasonic cleaning

Aviation; Aeronautics

A method of cleaning mechanical components by vibrating them at an ultrasonic frequency while soaking them in a cleaning solution.


Aviation; Aeronautics

A method of coating one kind of metal with another. Cadmium is often plated on steel to make it corrosion resistant, and chromium can be plated on steel to make it hard and wear resistant. The steel ...

radius dimpling

Aviation; Aeronautics

A method of cold-forming the edges of a hole in a piece of sheet metal so it can be riveted with flush rivets. A cone-shaped male die fits into the rivet hole and forces the metal down into a ...

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