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Air traffic control

An in-airport service that facilitates the safe and orderly movement of aircrafts within and between airports, achieved by interpreting data from radar and weather devices, and by maintaining contact with pilots.

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Air traffic control

VTOL aircraft

Aviation; Air traffic control

An aircraft capable of vertical climbs and descents and of using very short runways or small areas for takeoff and landing. These aircraft include, but are not limited to, helicopters.


Aviation; Air traffic control

U.S.: ATC authorization for an IFR aircraft to operate in VFR conditions at any appropriate VFR altitude (as specified in the FARs and as restricted by ATC). Note: VFR-on-top is not permitted in ...

altitude readout value

Aviation; Air traffic control

The altitude figures currently displayed in an altitude readout.


Aviation; Air traffic control

ICAO: Movement of a helicopter/VTOL above the surface of an aerodrome, normally in ground effect and at a ground speed normally less than 37 km/h (20 kt). Note ICAO: The actual height may vary, and ...

aerodrome traffic circuit

Aviation; Air traffic control

The specified path to be flown by aircraft operating in the vicinity of an aerodrome.

air traffic clearance

Aviation; Air traffic control

An authorization issued by an ATC unit for an aircraft to proceed within controlled airspace in accordance with the conditions specified by that unit.

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