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Air traffic control

An in-airport service that facilitates the safe and orderly movement of aircrafts within and between airports, achieved by interpreting data from radar and weather devices, and by maintaining contact with pilots.

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Air traffic control

aerodrome traffic

Aviation; Air traffic control

All traffic on the manoeuvring area of an aerodrome and all aircraft flying in, entering or leaving an aerodrome traffic circuit.

aeronautical beacon

Aviation; Air traffic control

An aeronautical light arranged, either through optical design or mechanical motion, to be visible to all azimuths, either continuously or consecutively, to designate a particular point on the surface ...

approach mode

Aviation; Air traffic control

The operational condition of certain aircraft navigation guidance equipment that supports flight operations in the final approach and runway regions.

apron traffic

Aviation; Air traffic control

All aircraft, vehicles, equipment and pedestrians using the apron of the aerodrome.


Aviation; Air traffic control

The uncorrected reading on the airspeed indicator.

airport control

Aviation; Air traffic control

A control service provided by an airport controller to aircraft and vehicles on active runways and to aircraft in the vicinity of a controlled airport.

air taxi

Aviation; Air traffic control

U.S. and Canada: The movement of a helicopter or vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) above the surface of an aerodrome but normally not above 100 ft AGL. The aircraft may proceed via flight ...

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