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A station, usually consisting of buildings, airfields and runways, used to provide a place for aircraft to take off and land as well as to house commercial services for passengers and on-board staff.

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very high frequency (VHF) omnidirectional range station

Aviation; Air traffic control

A ground-based electronic NAVAID that transmits very high frequency navigation signals 360° in azimuth.

VOR receiver test facility

Aviation; Air traffic control

A ground facility that emits a test signal to check VHF omnidirectional range (VOR) receiver accuracy.

World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS-84)

Aviation; Air traffic control

The geodetic co-ordinate reference system used in international civil aviation that allows the user to mathematically describe (in degrees of latitude and longitude) any position on the earth's ...

visual flight rules (VFR) flight

Aviation; Air traffic control

A flight conducted in accordance with visual flight rules (VFR).

VOR station

Aviation; Air traffic control

Other expression for: VHF omnidirectional range station.

VFR over-the-top

Aviation; Air traffic control

A VFR flight during daylight in which a pilot climbs in visual meteorological conditions (VMC), proceeds en route above inclement weather, and descends in VMC at a destination that had been forecast ...


Aviation; Air traffic control

An expression in radiocommunication meaning "I understand your message and will comply with it."

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