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Ancient Greece

History of Ancient Greece.

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Ancient Greece

Olympic Games

History; Ancient Greece

A religious festival held in honour of Zeus, attended by people from all over Greece.


History; Ancient Greece

A type of wrestling with almost no rules; one of the Olympic events.


History; Ancient Greece

A building used for religious worship and ceremonies. The Greeks put statues of gods and goddesses inside their temples.


History; Ancient Greece

The burial place for a dead person. Ancient people often put food, pottery, weapons and other possessions in a person's tomb.


History; Ancient Greece

A leader of Athens during its golden age, Pericles promoted the arts and literature in the city. He also had many of the major structures built including the Parthenon.


History; Ancient Greece

Athenian politician, diplomat and general. He was instrumental in building the Piraeus, the harbor in Athens, constructing a new navy from the city's silver resources, and masterminding the victory ...


History; Ancient Greece

Island in the north Aegean known for its fertility and mineral wealth. Settled by the Greeks in about 650 BC, Thasos became prosperous and often extended its power onto the mainland of Thrace. A ...

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