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Ancient Greece

Battle of Thebes

History; Ancient Greece

The Battle of Thebes was a battle between the Greek city state of Thebes and Alexander III of Macedon (Alexander the Great) in 335 BC immediately outside of and in the city proper. The Great King ...

Aristarchos of Samos

History; Ancient Greece

Greek astronomer of the early 3rd century BC, the first to propose that the sun revolved around the stars. He also assumed that the Earth moved on an axis and attempted to measure the size of the ...


History; Ancient Greece

Literally the 'high part' of any Greek city, often used as a center for defense. The most famous acropolis is in Athens; it became the ceremonial and religious center of the city and home of the ...

Alexander the Great

History; Ancient Greece

One of the great conquerors in world history, Alexander inherited the throne of Macedonia in 336 BC from his father, Philip II. A charismatic and courageous leader, Alexander subdued mainland Greece ...


History; Ancient Greece

Outstanding mathematician of ancient Greece who experimented in fields as varied as astronomy, the measurement of volumes, hydrostatics and notation. He is also remembered for his inventions, such as ...

Corinthian league

History; Ancient Greece

League of Greek cities established at Corinth in 338 BC by Philip II of Macedon to perpetuate Macedonian control over Greece. The league was sustained by Alexander the Great but broke up on his ...


History; Ancient Greece

Greek intellectual and scholar (c.285-194 BC) who was chief librarian at the famous library in Alexandria. Remembered as a poet, historian, literary critic, philosopher, geographer and mathematician, ...

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