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Ancient Greece

The Dorian’s

History; Ancient Greece

The Dorian’s came down from the north at around 1200 BCE. Groups that had earlier occupied the Greek peninsula did not have the opportunity to beat the Dorian’s. The Mycenaean’s who were great ...


History; Ancient Greece

Hera was the wife of Zeus. She was the queen of all the gods, and also the goddess of marriage. She was very jealous of her famous and powerful husband. She was very harsh on the children Zeus had by ...


History; Ancient Greece

Argus was Hera’s servant. He had one hundred bright eyes all over his body. He was a great guard because he never closed more than half his eyes at any single time.


History; Ancient Greece

Ares was the son of Zeus and Hera. He was a tall, handsome, mean, and self-centered guy. His sidekick was the spirit of disagreement and travelled everywhere with him. He carried along with him four ...


History; Ancient Greece

Athena was the daughter of Zeus, she had no mother and was born directly out of the brain of Zeus, the king of all gods. Athena was Zeus’s favorite child and goddess of wisdom. She was a powerful ...


History; Ancient Greece

Ruler or leader of the whole world; also called cosmocrator. An ultimate higher power; a deity, God or Satan; an all-powerful being.

Elgin Marbles

History; Ancient Greece

The Elgin Marbles are a collection of classical Greek marble sculptures that were originally park of the Parthenon and other building on the Acropolis of Athens. Today they are housed in the British ...

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