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Animal feed

Of or relating to the food products given to farmed animals.

Contributors in Animal feed

Animal feed

Saal an der Donau

Agriculture; Animal feed

Saal an der Donau est une commune de Bavière (Allemagne), située dans l'arrondissement de Kelheim, dans le district de Basse-Bavière.

bone-dry unit (BDU)

Agriculture; Animal feed

A quantity of wood residue that would weigh 2,400 pounds at zero percent moisture content.

bone-dry ton (BDT)

Agriculture; Animal feed

Material that weighs 2,000 pounds at zero percent moisture content. Also known as an Ovendry ton or Bone Dry Metric Ton.

bone meal

Agriculture; Animal feed

Bone meal is a white powder made by grinding either raw or steamed animal bones. A product of the rendering industry that is used as an organic fertilizer for plants and in animal feed. In most ...

bond strength

Agriculture; Animal feed

The unit load applied in tension, compression, flexure, cleavage, or shear, required to break an adhesive assembly, with failure occurring in or near the plane of the bond.


Agriculture; Animal feed

Steam generation equipment.

blood meal

Agriculture; Animal feed

The dried and powdered blood of animals, used in animal feeds and as a nitrogen-rich fertilizer for plants. Usually comes from cattle as a slaughterhouse by-product.

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