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Animal verbs

Words describing actions by animals.

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Animal verbs


Zoology; Animal verbs

The development in young birds of the feathers necessary for flight.


Zoology; Animal verbs

Fruit-eating. Relying on fruit as a sole source of food.

functional response

Zoology; Animal verbs

Change in the rate of exploitation of prey by an individual predator as a result of a change in prey density.


Zoology; Animal verbs

When ducks or geese suddenly turn away from a decoy spread after detecting danger.

flight birds

Zoology; Animal verbs

Migratory woodcock as opposed to locally hatched "residents". The woodcock is the only migratory upland gamebird other than the dove.


Zoology; Animal verbs

A "bad" form habit developed from anticipating the release of the arrow. The result is a poor release, possibly in the jerking of the bow arm, or of the release.


Zoology; Animal verbs

The most popular type of goose call, generally 8 to 10 inches long.

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