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Animal verbs

Words describing actions by animals.

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Animal verbs

flydown cackle

Zoology; Animal verbs

A loud cackle often made by hens flying to the ground from their roost first thing in the morning.

friction call

Zoology; Animal verbs

Any caller that produces sounds by means of friction as opposed to callers that produce sound by vibrating when they are blown into or sucked on.


Zoology; Animal verbs

A male horse that has been castrated.

gobbler shaker/ gobble tube

Zoology; Animal verbs

A caller activated by shaking that produces the gobble of the wild turkey. Used as a locator and occasionally as a call to challenge dominant gobblers. Can be unsafe in crowded woods.

gobbler yelp

Zoology; Animal verbs

The tom's yelp, slower and lower pitched than hen yelps.

greeting call

Zoology; Animal verbs

Four or five excited quacks; usually used when a flock is approaching the decoys.

greeting or hail call

Zoology; Animal verbs

Several loud honks made by geese to distant flocks.

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