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National Grand Theater

Design; Architecture

Designed by French award-winning architect Paul Andreuthe, the National Grand Theater of China is an ultra modern opera house situated in the heart of Beijing on Chang An Avenue next to the Great ...


Construction; Architecture

A structure composed of separate pieces, such as stone or bricks, having the shape of truncated wedges, arranged on a curved line so as to retain their position by mutual pressure.

dormer window

Construction; Architecture

A window placed vertically in a sloping roof and with a roof of its own.


Construction; Architecture

A vertical wall supporting a dome; it may be circular, square, or polygonal.

engaged column

Construction; Architecture

A column attached to, or partly sunk into, a wall or pier.


Construction; Architecture

The center of a volute.


Construction; Architecture

Shallow, concave grooves running vertically on the shaft of A column, pilaster, or other surface.

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