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hogyo roof

Construction; Architecture

A square, pyramidal roof with curved ears common in Japanese architecture.


Construction; Architecture

A hall or other large space over which the roof is supported by rows of columns like a forest.

ionic order

Construction; Architecture

An order that originated in Asia Minor in the mid-sixth century B.C.


Construction; Architecture

A small circular or polygonal turret with windows all round, crowning a roof or a dome.

load bearing construction

Construction; Architecture

Construction in which walls, posts, columns, or arcades support the weight of the ceilings and upper floors.


Construction; Architecture

the square space between two triglyphs in the frieze of a Doric order; it may be carved or be left plain.


Construction; Architecture

A tall, usually slender tower or turret connected with a mosque. From a balcony on the minaret the muzzin calls people to prayer.

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