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Arms control

The international restrictions on the development, production, stockpiling, proliferation, and usage of weapons, especially weapons of mass destruction. Arms control is usually exercised through international treaties and agreements that impose arms limitations among consenting parties.

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Arms control

active mission for the United States

Military; Arms control

When the United States is the observing State Party on an Open Skies mission over the territory of another State Party to the Treaty on Open Skies. The mission may be flown in the observing or the ...

active overflight system (AOS)

Military; Arms control

Mission planning computer system used in conjunction with the Transportable Operational Planning System for planning Treaty on Open Skies missions.

active quota

Military; Arms control

Under the Open Skies Treaty, the number of observation flights one State Party can conduct as the observing Party against the observed Party. A Party’s active quota may not exceed its passive quota. ...

advance team

Military; Arms control

A small number of arms control implementation specialists, including arms control security experts, under the auspices of the Lead Agency or Service component who deploy to a facility immediately ...

affected site list (ASL)

Military; Arms control

List composed of organizations desiring to receive notifications only when their facility, programs, or operations could be impacted by an Open Skies observation mission.

after-action report (AAR)

Military; Arms control

Organized analysis of an exercise or activity. Includes summaries of information shared and lessons learned. May also occur after an inspection.

Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)

Military; Arms control

Air Force office which seeks to identify, investigate, and neutralize espionage, terrorism, fraud, and other major criminal activities which may threaten Air Force and Department of Defense ...

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