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Atmospheric physics

Of or pertaining to the application of physics to study the properties of the atmosphere.

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Atmospheric physics


Physics; Atmospheric physics

A flying device which is pushed from behind by burning gases; it moves, fly, or rise very fast is called as rocket.


Physics; Atmospheric physics

A measure of how high a wave moves, or how far a swinging object, such as pendulum swings.The Amplitude of an ocean wave is the height of the highest part of the wave crest above the level of calm ...


Physics; Atmospheric physics

A force that shortens or squeezes something, making its volume smaller is called as compression.


Physics; Atmospheric physics

A number, condition, or factor that remains the same. For example, the speed of light in empty space is a constant.


Physics; Atmospheric physics

American scientist and public official who discovered that lightning is a source of electricity. He invented a stove that is used for indoor heating.


Physics; Atmospheric physics

A unit used to measure the frequency of vibrations and waves. One hertz is equal to one cycle per second.


Physics; Atmospheric physics

English scientist who made revolutionary discoveries in mathematics, physics, and astronomy. He explained how gravitation works.

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