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Bar terms

Referring to any establishment that primarily sells alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption.

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Bar terms


Bars & nightclubs; Bar terms

Setting a drink on fire. Sambucca is often lit on fire to heat it up before putting the flame out and drinking it. Another common method is to use 151-proof rum which is very flammable.


Bars & nightclubs; Bar terms

It refers to a non-alcoholic drink. Used to order common cocktails minus the alcohol.For example Virgin Bloody Mary, Virgin Pina Colada.

dive bars

Bars & nightclubs; Bar terms

A type of bar or pub that have a relaxed and informal atmosphere they are often referred to by local residents as "neighborhood bars," where people in the neighborhood gather to drink and socialize.


Bars & nightclubs; Bar terms

A public house, informally known as a pub and sometimes referred to as the "local", is a drinking establishment which is part of British culture.

flair bartending

Bars & nightclubs; Bar terms

A practice of bartenders for entertaining guests, clientele or audiences with the manipulation of bar tools (e.g. Cocktail shakers) and liquor bottles in tricky, dazzling ways. Used occasionally in ...


Bars & nightclubs; Bar terms

An establishment that serves alcoholic drinks — beer, wine, liquor, and cocktails — for consumption on the premises. Bars provide stools or chairs that are placed at tables or counters for their ...


Bars & nightclubs; Bar terms

Slang term for a bar that sells alcohol illegally. The term was popularized during the prohibition period of American history, but is thought to have its origins in the late 19th century. A ...

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