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Basic science

The fundamental knowledge about various aspects of our world and their underlying principles.

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Basic science

melting point

Science; Basic science

The temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid. The melting point of a solid from of a substance is the same as the freezing point of its liquid form.


Science; Basic science

Relating to the nucleus of a cell. Relating to the nucleus of an atom. Using energy that comes from the nuclei of atoms.


Science; Basic science

The act of watching something closely and recording how it behaves or changes under certain conditions.


Science; Basic science

A combination of two substances in which the atoms or molecules of the two substances are spread around in a single mass.


Science; Basic science

American inventor who developed the telegraph in 1854 and developed Morse code for sending messages by it.

Morse code

Science; Basic science

A system for sending messages in which the letters and numbers are represented by combinations of short and long sounds of light.


Science; Basic science

Allowing the passage of ions or molecules. Cell membranes are usually permeable to water molecules.

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