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Basic science

The fundamental knowledge about various aspects of our world and their underlying principles.

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Basic science


Science; Basic science

A fast backward and forward movement along a straight line. The vibration of a plucked guitar string causes sound waves to form.


Science; Basic science

A measure of how hard it is for a liquid or gas to flow. The viscosity of a fluid depends on its resistance to flow.

water cycle

Science; Basic science

The continuous movement of water throughout the Earth and its atmosphere is called water cycle.


Science; Basic science

A form of energy that is caused by the motion of molecules.Heat moves from hotter things to colder things.


Science; Basic science

German scientist who helped formulate the law of conservation of energy.He studied the senses of hearing and vision.


Science; Basic science

The use of specific facts or observations to draw general rules or principles in the process of theory formation.


Science; Basic science

An invisible force that pulls all objects toward each other. The more mass the objects have and the closer together they are, the stronger this force is.

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