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Basic science

The fundamental knowledge about various aspects of our world and their underlying principles.

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Basic science

scientific method

Science; Basic science

The process of observing and measuring things that happens, making a hypothesis to explain these things and performing experiments.


Science; Basic science

Scottish scientist whose books on the science were written in everyday English, using simple experiments and illustrations.


Science; Basic science

A type of energy that travels as waves and can often be detected by the ears. Sound waves move through air at a speed of about 326 meters per second.


Science; Basic science

The three dimensions of length, width, and depth, in which objects exist. The part of the universe that is outside the Earth's atmosphere.

specific gravity

Science; Basic science

A number that shows how dense a substance is by comparing it with the density of water at 39 degree Fahrenheit.


Science; Basic science

A sample of something that is taken for the purpose of the scientific study. Laboratory workers study blood specimen.


Science; Basic science

An object that is thick at one end and very thin at the other. Wedges are used for splitting or holding things in place.

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