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Terms of or pertaining to the game of basketball which involves two teams of five players trying to work together to accumulate points by shooting or dunking a ball through a basket. The team with the most points by the end of the game wins.

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ball hog

Sports; Basketball

Used for when a player exclusively handles and shoots the ball at the expense of teammates often leaving them uninvolved and frustrated. Why is Ellis such a ball hog?

Wilson Chandler

Sports; Basketball

Michigan (USA) native NBA professional basketball player. In 2011 Chandler decided to sign with the Chinese Basketball Association's Zhejiang Guangsha team in lieu of the several month long NBA ...

Kris Humpheries

Sports; Basketball

American professional basketball player most known for his 72 day marriage to Kim Kardashian. Kris attended the University of Minnesota but also was heavily recruited to Duke University. His ...

over dribbling

Sports; Basketball

Common term in basketball where a guard (usually point guard) dribbles far too much without accomplishing anything for his team on offense, often eating up a large chunk of the shot clock. Over ...


Sports; Basketball

Refers to a basketball player, usually a guard, who likes to shoot from anywhere on the court, and who shoots it often. If the player is often missing these shots they usually will be considered a ...

Bernie Fine

Sports; Basketball

Former associate head basketball coach (top assistant) for Syracuse University men's basketball team. He coached at the school from 1976 to 2011. Was fired in November of 2011 amid sexual abuse ...

spot-up shooter

Sports; Basketball

A player on the court who excells at simply catching and shooting the basketball from directly the spot in which they are passed the ball.

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