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Terms of or pertaining to the game of basketball which involves two teams of five players trying to work together to accumulate points by shooting or dunking a ball through a basket. The team with the most points by the end of the game wins.

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role player

Sports; Basketball

A type of player who blends in with the team and has specific strengths, and most likely weaknesses as well. They understand their exact role with the team and every good basketball team has various ...


Sports; Basketball

Common basketball play involving two players exchanging two passes with the initial passer receiving the ball back, preferably in an improved position to score.

backdoor pass

Sports; Basketball

A basketball play involving two players. Best used when the defense is overplaying on the offensive player who wishes to receive the pass from a teammate. The receiving player will often make a ...

pump fake

Sports; Basketball

A basketball move in which the offensive player mimics the act of shooting a basketball without actually shooting the ball or jumping, often causing the nearest defender to fall for the mimic and the ...


Sports; Basketball

A term used for when a basketball player displays powerful and quick jumping ability, often used in description of a smaller basketball player--usually a guard.

box out

Sports; Basketball

A technique in basketball where a player positions himself between the opposing player and the basket in order to have a better chance at recovering the rebound of a missed shot.


Sports; Basketball

Word used to mean that a basketball player is suprememly confident on the court and is making just about every shot he is attempting.

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