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The craft of stringing beads to one another by the use of a needle and thread or soft, flexible wire.

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mohs scale

Arts & crafts; Beadwork

A scale used to measure the hardness of minerals, with talc at zero and diamond at 10. Each mineral on the scale is hard enough to scratch the one below it in the scale.

up eye

Arts & crafts; Beadwork

Finding that can be bonded to round bead or tumbled stone to add a loop and create a pendant.


Arts & crafts; Beadwork

A cultured pearl originally non-nucleated, grown in a freshwater mussel from Lake Biwa in Japan. Only those actually produced there should be called Biwas; others are simply called freshwater ...

spacer bar

Arts & crafts; Beadwork

Jewelry finding used to hold multiple strands of beads in alignment and prevent tangling, are inserted at intervals while stringing the beads.


Arts & crafts; Beadwork

The metal groove or flange holding a gemstone in its setting, or the slanting face of a cut gem.

memory wire

Arts & crafts; Beadwork

A pre-coiled stainless steel wire that retains its shape. Very popular for wine charm markers and bracelets.

translucent cord

Arts & crafts; Beadwork

An invisible cord that is ideal for stringing Austrian crystals, or any light colored bead so the cord is hardly visible.

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