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The craft of stringing beads to one another by the use of a needle and thread or soft, flexible wire.

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stretch magic

Arts & crafts; Beadwork

A flexible clear elastic cord. It is often used for slip-on crystal bracelets, and is a beader's favorite as it only requires a knot to finish.

crylic resin

Arts & crafts; Beadwork

Transparent man-made resins used in making molded plastics.

barrel clasp

Arts & crafts; Beadwork

A clasp made of two parts that screw together, usually used in necklaces.

bead work

Arts & crafts; Beadwork

Bead work is a art of attaching beads to one another or to cloth, usually by the use of needle and thread or soft flexible wire. Bead work techniques are broadly divided into loom and off-loom ...


Jewelry; Beadwork

1. provide or ornament with beads or beading. 2. make into beads;string together like beads.


Arts & crafts; Beadwork

Beads that have a unique finish much like the old milk glass of the past, a dense translucent white or tinted finish.


Arts & crafts; Beadwork

The bead hole is lined with black and gives depth to the bead color.

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