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Beef is the meat attained from bovines especially cattle. Beef can be cut into steaks, roasts or short ribs.

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Meat products; Beef

The amount of time from conception to delivery of the calf. For cattle the average is about 283 days but other facters such as sex and if the dam is carrying twins can affect gestation.


Meat products; Beef

A male reproductive cell.


Meat products; Beef

A process either through hormone treatment or embryo placement by which a cow will release more than a natural amount of eggs during ovulation. The eggs are usually collected and redistributed to ...

feed conversion (feed efficiency)

Meat products; Beef

A measure of the amount of feed consumed by cattle per measure of weight gained. Many cattle typically have a ratio of 8 to 1.

frame score

Meat products; Beef

A score usually on a scale of 1 to 9 derived from hip height measurements and age. This score is used to classify skeletal structure and should remain constant throughout the animal’s life. Hip ...


Meat products; Beef

Name given to a female calf born with a male bull twin. Roughly 90% of freemartins are unable to bear children because while in the womb the twins will exchange hormones or cells that will cause the ...

generation interval

Meat products; Beef

The average age of the parents when their child is born. This is used to determine the amount of time between generations. For cattle, the average generational interval is about 5 years.

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