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Any alcoholic beverage brewed by slow fermentation from malted cereal grain and flavoured with hops.

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Beverages; Beer

A large cilindrical container.


Beverages; Beer

An organic compound (chemical formula C2H2O) produced by yeast during fermentation. Acetaldehyde is actually an intermediate step in the production of ethanol, and is normally not present in ...

american homebrewers association (AHA)

Beverages; Beer

Non-profit organization which promotes the hobby of homebrewing, and sanctions homebrew competitions. Founded by Charlie Papazian, author of several books on homebrewing.

ale yeast

Beverages; Beer

Brewers yeast which typically works at temperatures of 60°F and above, scientific classification Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Some (but not all) ale yeasts are top cropping – that is, they tend to ...

alpha acid units

Beverages; Beer

A method used for specifying the quantity of bittering hops, commonly used in homebrew recipes; commonly abbreviated as AAU, and also referred to by some authors as Homebrew Bitterness Units, or ...

alpha amylase

Beverages; Beer

One of the enzymes present in malt, capable of converting starches into sugars.

amber malt

Beverages; Beer

A lightly roasted British specialty malt. Imparts a mild roasted flavor, with hints of coffee.

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