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Technically referred as coleoptera, beetles are insects with sheathed wings. Beetles consist of more species than any other order, constituting almost 25% of all known life-forms. The diversity of beetles is very wide-ranging. Altogether, there are roughly 400,000 beetle species found in almost all types of habitats, except the sea or the polar regions.

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Animals; Beetles

An animal that carries a disease from one organism to another as mosquitoes are carriers of malaria but do not appear to be sick themselves.

blacklegged ham beetle

Animals; Insects

The black-legged ham beetle is dark blue black, with black legs and antennae. It is similar to the red-legged ham beetle (Necrobia rufipes), which can be distinguished by its reddish legs and ...

brown darkling beetle

Animals; Insects

The brown darkling beetle is golden brown with short hairs over the body. The shape of the thorax makes the head look like it is on a long neck.

brown stag beetle

Animals; Insects

The brown stag beetle is a brown and black scarab beetles. The males usually have large jaws which they use to wrestle each other for mating territory. They are not aggressive to humans.

cadelle beetle

Animals; Insects

The adult cadelle beetle is a shiny black insect with an elongated flattened body. It has a distinct "waist" between the thorax and the wing covers. Males have lots of very fine punctures on the ...

caper white

Animals; Insects

The caper white butterfly has black veins and black wing tips with an arc of small white spots in the black area. There is also a darker form having orange wing upper surfaces with broad black ...

chalcopterus beetle

Animals; Insects

The chalcopterus beetle is a dark coloured oval beetle with a metallic sheen. The head is black and the wing covers take on a blue or green sheen depending on the angle of the light.

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