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Behavior analysis

Behavior analysis is an approach to psychology that concerns itself primarily with observing, analysing and attempting to understand and predict the way humans behave and interact.

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Behavior analysis


Psychology; Behavior analysis

Misophonia literally means "hatred of sounds" and describes the involuntary anger, annoyance or rage some people feel when they hear other people eating, breathing, coughing or producing other ...

response dimensions

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The physical properties of a response.

treatment phase

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The period of time during which the intervention is in effect.

surface structure

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The order of constituents in a particular sentence.

value-altering principle

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The pairing procedure converts a neutral stimulus into a learned reinforcer or learned aversive condition.


Psychology; Behavior analysis

The ontogenetic history refers to the individual organism's experience in its interaction with the environment. The result of such ontogenetic experiences may produce unique behaviors in each ...

rate of response

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The number of responses that occur in a given interval. For example, a bird may peck a key two times per second.

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