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The scientific study of the chemistry of living matter.

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Biology; Biochemistry

The ability to do work, such as the ability to move an object by pushing on it is called energy.


Biology; Biochemistry

A sugar that is found in many plants, especially sugar cane and the sugar maple.


Biology; Biochemistry

A substance, such as medicine or caffeine, that makes the heart beat faster and speeds up the action of body organs.


Biology; Biochemistry

An oily substance produced by glands and in the skin of mammals that keeps the skin and hair from drying out.


Biology; Biochemistry

A chemical compound that is found in nature and needed by living things for good health.


Biology; Biochemistry

A chemical compound that is produced in a gland and then carried to another part of the body by the blood.


Biology; Biochemistry

American scientist who discovered that human blood falls into one of four different groups: A, B,AB, or O.

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