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Terms of or relating to a sport in which two opponents engage in hand to hand combat within a defined boundary. A referee manages the match in order to ensure rules are not broken and to declare a winner if a player is not knocked unconscious.

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Sports; Boxing

See Trainer


Sports; Boxing

Once a boxer has been knocked down, one second after that, the referee starts to count. The boxer has 10 seconds to get back on their feet, if they don't get up within 10 seconds the referee calls ...


Sports; Boxing

The Amateur International Boxing Association. This is the governing body for International Amateur Boxing.


Sports; Boxing

See Punching Bag


Sports; Boxing

A boxers hands are bandaged before a fight to help support the boxers wrists and to help protect the bones in the boxers hand from breaking.


Sports; Boxing

Please look at our separate section on weight classes


Sports; Boxing

The bell is rung and this starts the fight and it is rung at the beginning and end of each round.

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