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That part of the central nervous system inside our heads that controls all our perceptions, thoughts, feelings and voluntary movements.

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Anatomy; Brain

The Locus Coeruleus is a pair of identical nuclei (clusters of neurons) in the pons from which all brain connections using norepinephrine arise; it is active during conditions requiring attention and ...


Anatomy; Brain

Neurotransmitters are the messengers that travel between one brain cell and another. They are chemical signals that neurons use to talk to each other, which is what makes your brain work. They help ...


Anatomy; Brain

There are ten thousand taste buds in the mouth. Molecules of taste stimulate the taste receptors to send messages to the brain. The sweet and salty buds are the least sensitive, and the bitter ones ...


Anatomy; Brain

Some peptides function as neurotransmitters that often act as helper signals with other neurotransmitters in ways similar to how the endorphins help to regulate the feeling of pain. Can be found all ...


Anatomy; Brain

Refers to the activity of using one hemisphere more than another. The term "relative lateralization" is more accurate because we are usually using at least some of the left and right hemisphere at ...

Broca’s area

Anatomy; Brain

This is part of the left frontal lobe in the cerebrum. It converts thoughts into sounds (or written words) and sends the message to the motor area. Impulses go first to Wernicke’s area, then to ...

growth factor

Anatomy; Brain

Various substances that help axons grow in specific directions to form specific connections. Very important as a possible means to repair brains damaged by stroke, trauma, and maybe drugs and ...

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