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That part of the central nervous system inside our heads that controls all our perceptions, thoughts, feelings and voluntary movements.

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Anatomy; Brain

Eyes gather visual information, which is sent to your brain to be processed and understood. The retina, in the back of your eye, has special cells called rods and cones that are sensitive to light. ...


Anatomy; Brain

Under conditions of stress, fear or excitement, this hormone is released into your bloodstream. When it reaches your liver, it stimulates the release of glucose for rapid energy. Abrupt increases ...


Anatomy; Brain

The four areas of the Cerebral Cortex. The frontal lobe, temporal lobe, parietal lobe, and occipital lobe all work together, but each of them also does special things. * Frontal: thought, decision, ...


Anatomy; Brain

An amazing function of your brain that scientists are still trying to understand. When you remember something, it's not like finding a snapshot in your brain. Instead, your brain has to construct ...


Anatomy; Brain

A nerve cell. Neurons have specialized projections (dendrites and axons) and communicate with each other via an electrochemical process. The word "neuron" was coined by the German scientist Heinrich ...

cerebral cortex

Anatomy; Brain

The cerebral cortex is the largest part of your brain. It does a lot of brain work, like thinking, decisions, and creativity. It's responsible for thinking and learning as well as the five senses, ...


Anatomy; Brain

A region in the upper part of the brainstem that acts as a relay to the pituitary gland - it controls body temperature, circadian cycles, sleep, moods, hormonal body processes, hunger, and thirst. ...

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